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TechTrain’s in-house and globally inspired method is the key to 21st century success for Vietnamese students. Through our integrated approach, your students not only gain subject knowledge, but also critical and creative skills and enhance a more grounded character.

Explorer age band


(Age 5 - 9)

Students work collaboratively and creatively, communicating in English to solve problems. Using fun platforms to program, Explorers make stories, games and robots based on their interests.

builder age band


(Age 8 - 12)

Students express and apply their ideas to create programs around their own interests. Builders advance their computational thinking skills as they code stories, games and robots.

creator age band


(Age 11+)

Students design and build programs which mirror the real world. Creators harness their creative, critical thinking and communication abilities to design and develop the right solutions for making games, mobile apps and robots.


We create classroom contexts around global topics and problem solving projects, building an interactive and thought-provoking experience for your students
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Game Building

Students explore core coding concepts by creating interactive stories and games, encouraging critical thinking and creativity to solve tasks.

Game Building Outcomes
robotics icon

Students learn to control hardware in fun and interactive ways. They work collaboratively to design, construct and code robots which mirror real world applications.

Robotics Outcomes
mobile apps icon
Mobile Apps

Students learn about User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) through interactive projects. The final results are beautiful, useable apps with media and responsive controls.

Apps Outcomes

Introducing ThinkLab

ThinkLab is more than an event; it’s an unforgettable experience, designed to unleash students’ imagination!
To see what TechTrain can do for you, inquire today about hosting a ThinkLab at your school.

experience icon

Interactive exhibits let both parents and kids learn and have fun together with the world of technology

experiment icon

Play to learn by engaging with amazing technologies like Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR), 3D printing, and robotics

knowledge icon

Showcasing the latest technology innovations, ThinkLab ties tomorrow’s world of tech knowhow to your learning brand

Matthew Jameson
Working with the TechTrain team was a dream! The lessons were well planned and engaging. I’d teach that coding class again in a heartbeat, because for the first time, I had fun teaching AND learning right along with the kids
Mr. Viet
Lead I.T. Engineer
In today’s world of technology, I’m happy my daughter is getting a head-start with TechTrain courses.
Ms Linh
It’s amazing how TechTrain’s courses open up the way Minh Triet thinks. He loves coding games and his English has improved so much!

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