About Us

At TechTrain, we know that technology literacy is an essential skill for the 21st Century learner; it trains the mind to think, and equips students for the world of Industry 4.0.

Our international team of education and tech specialists designs learning paths and solutions across various subjects to captivate your students, and to drive your learning brand forward. 

Words from our Founder

My generation has witnessed digital technologies steadily appear in every aspect of our lives, impacting the way we work, travel, shop, learn and even play.

I founded TechTrain with the firm belief that technology should not dominate the lives of our children! They must become more than simple technology consumers by engaging with it in healthy and useful ways. They must learn to harness it, to shape it, and to create it, in order to meet the major challenges in their lives, in professional and social contexts, and at local and global scales.

Education systems worldwide are on the cusp of massive technological disruption, and a rethink of how we teach and learn is underway. TechTrain's vision is to adapt the 'toolkit' that a school provides to its students, allowing them to become the effective problem-solvers and leaders of the future. This toolkit integrates tech literacy and global awareness with a mix of essential skills: critical-collaborative-computational thinking abilities, and English language acquisition.   
Christo Hughes, Founder & CEO

Our Methodology

Our Methodology

Through workshop environments and project-based learning, students apply technology concepts to solve real problems. TechTrain's learning progressions move students up through essential coding concepts, with game creation, robotics, apps and more.

Our researchers, program writers, and trainers look beyond just teaching kids how to code, but how to be critical, creative thinkers. And we go even further: by integrating important 21st century themes of global and environmental awareness, sustainability and social responsibility, students become empowered, smarter and more responsible.