ThinkLab is an event for kids to interact with cutting edge technology in an educational and playful environment
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What can you do at ThinkLab?

Robot Workshops

Work with friends and family to build and use a real robot

Tech Exhibits

Have fun with cutting-edge technologies

Coding Lessons

Students aged 6 - 14 build games and stories with code

Virtual Reality

Experience virtual environments using VR and AR technology

Introducing ThinkLab

In TechTrain's latest ThinkLab event, over 200 guests stopped in to play and learn. ThinkLab is our telescope towards the future, letting kids experience, imagine and think with the technologies that will change their world.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is ThinkLab?

ThinkLab is a technology showcase for kids ages 6-18. At ThinkLab, children and parents experience awesome modern technologies like Robotics, Augmented/Virtual Reality, 3D Printing and Scratch programming.

ThinkLab is hosted by TechTrain - a flagship company providing educational services to schools and centers.

2. What do I do at ThinkLab?

At ThinkLab, you can involve in various activities:

  • Play with and learn about cutting edge technology such as robots and VR
  • Build and play cool interactive games built with innovative tools
  • Participate in robotics workshops to win amazing prizes

3. Who can go to ThinkLab?

Although ThinkLab showcases technologies for kids, anyone who wants to experience the latest technologies is encouraged to visit ThinkLab. ThinkLab has activities for parents and kids to collaborate, designing and engineering technology together.

4. Does ThinkLab teach technology?

We have short workshops and lessons for kids to learn tech and engage in fun activities.  For longer courses, please contact TechTrain - the organizer of ThinkLab - for consultations and enrollments.

5. How can I get updates about ThinkLab events?

Follow ThinkLab on facebook to stay updated on the latest events and activities.