Tech Thinker Program

Coding combines logical and creative thinking skills. For young children, learning to code begins before they ever touch a computer. Our Tech Thinker program explores how computers work and where we meet them in daily life.

Students then get hands-on with technology through a series of STEM-based courses.

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Code Tools Program

The Code Tools program inspires your child to think big and equips them with an essential tech toolkit. Students learn key computer science concepts by building their own games, apps, and even websites.

Each course gives students an introduction to different types of software programming.

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Smart Things Program

Begin the exciting journey of hardware using fun, programmable devices. Your child will learn how to design and control the same types of devices that we use in everyday life.

This program introduces the robotics, the Internet of Things (IoT), wearable devices, smart homes and smart cities.

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3D World Program

3D World uses a creative approach to technology by designing 3D digital art. Your child will create 3-dimensional objects complete with color, texture, and lighting.

They can interact with their objects in virtual reality (VR) programs and even print their objects with a 3D printer.

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