Little Thinker

Discover the world of computers, coding, and the internet

Discover how computers work and where you meet them in daily life. Learn about patterns, algorithms, and data, through fun and play-based activities.

5 - 8
english level required
course length
12 weeks (12 total hours)
Course price
2,400,000 VNĐ

about the course

Week 1. What is a Computer?
Identify what a computer is and how there are different types of computers. Identify input and output devices and how they relate to the function of a computer.
Week 2. Computer Functions
Think about different types of computers and functions, and how we interact with computers. Begin to think about how we use computers for different purposes.
Week 3. Inputs & Outputs
Apply your understanding of computer types and functions to make a non-computing object into a computer. Explain how you interact with it, identify inputs, including sensors, and outputs, and provide a clear description of the computers function(s).
Week 4. Computer Friends
Begin to identify characteristics of Computer Science Learners: perseverance, problem-solving, and being a creative, curious, and patient team player!
Week 5. Help Jane
As you learn about Jane’s grand adventure you will identify some of the challenges she may face. Develop a plan to help Jane face those challenges.
Week 6. Sequence & Decomposition
Discover computer science concepts through unplugged activities. The activities address sequence and decomposition.
Week 7. Recognition & Data Structures
Discover computer science concepts through unplugged activities. The activities address pattern recognition and data structures.
Week 8. Apply Computational Thinking
Apply computational thinking to a series of activities. Use the concepts of decomposition, pattern recognition, generalization, algorithms, programming and debugging.
Week 9. Programming Languages
Explore how there are different types of programming languages. Use codes to decipher and write secret codes. Then, use letters and words represented by symbols to communicate the same words or phrases.
Week 10. Binary
Discover binary representation of data, specifically numbers. Computers use binary, the digits 0 and 1 (on and off) to store data. Then, learn how to read and write the binary representation of numbers.
Week 11. Algorithms
Discover computer science concepts such as algorithms and programming. Connect the importance of using precise instructions in the correct sequence to programming and other Computer Science concepts.
Week 12. Coding Functions
Understand that block-based programming is a real programming language used to help learn programming. Then, learn how to connect blocks with different categories based on the blocks function.