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TechTrain ensures a strategic approach to technology that is up-to-date and in line with your organization's goals. An effective Technology Offering and Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) strategy display your commitment to learning, and allow you to focus on the business of delivering great education.

Partner with TechTrain and prepare students to carry your learning brand into their academic and professional futures!

Shaping your
Technology Offering

Up-to-date, engaging learning paths and resources

To stand out in a competitive education market, your technology offering is critical. TechTrain will guide your strategy to maximize student engagement and skills relevance, and allow integration across subjects.

Aligned to international frameworks and standards, TechTrain designs curricula and lesson materials for progressive learning paths, short format courses, and taster sessions across various tech subjects.

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Crafted to the highest educational quality
Coherent learning objectives and skills progressions, across subjects and ages
Aligned to proven international standards

Setting your
Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) Strategy

Advances in technology have revolutionized education's potential. A successful TEL strategy will give your organization the early-mover advantage and build your reputation as a leader in the field.

With rich expertise in applying learning technologies and platforms, TechTrain works with you hand-in-hand to build, train, and deploy for a TEL strategy tailored to your needs.