Code Creator

Master your coding skills

Practice using loops, functions, and conditionals, before learning about variables and ‘for loops’. At the end of the course, you will design and create a project to ‘wow’ your friends and family!

10 - 14
english level required
course length
12 Weeks (36 total hours)
Course price
7,200,000 VNĐ

about the course

Week 1. Sequences
Program your own interactive dance party! Develop sequential algorithms to move characters through a map. Then, act like a computer scientist and investigate the bugs in your own programs. Debugging forces students to recognize problems and overcome them while building critical thinking and problem-solving skills
Week 2. Algorithms
Continue to develop your understanding of algorithms and debugging through a series of puzzles. Ideate and create sequential algorithms to pick up treasure. Solidify your knowledge on sequencing by using new blocks which control pixels and angles. Finally, visualize new goals for your programs, such as drawing a shape.
Week 3. Loops
Use loops to help robots traverse a maze more efficiently than before. Add instructions to existing loops, gather repeated code into loops, and recognize patterns that need to be looped. Open up your mind to the various ways to solve puzzles with advantages and disadvantages to each approach. Then, program a loop to be inside of another loop. Figure out how little changes in either loop will affect your program when you click Run.
Week 4. Loops & Conditionals
Now that you know how to layer your loops, you can create so many beautiful things. Adventure through a series of exercises to help you create your own images using ice-skating skills! Then, solve puzzles which use loops and conditionals. With these two concepts, you can create fun and innovative programs in a new and exciting environment.
Week 5. While Loops
Code with conditionals, allowing you to write code that functions differently depending on the specific conditions the program encounters. Program a bee to only collect nectar if there is a flower. Then, get familiar with while loops. While loops are loops that continue to repeat commands while a condition is met.
Week 6. Until Loops
Apply your knowledge of loops and conditionals to program Minecraft characters. Then, get familiar with until loops. Until loops tell a program to continue doing something until a condition is met. Create more complex and innovative programs by pairing conditionals and until loops together.
Week 7. If/Else Statements
Apply while loops, until loops, and if / else statements to write complex and flexible code. Then, use functions to incorporate commonly repeated patterns into predefined blocks. This lesson will push you to construct functions in new ways by combining them with while loops and if / else statements.
Week 8. Functions
Create and modify magnificent images with functions. Build more complicated patterns with nested functions by calling one function from inside another. Then, build repetitive designs using variables in an artistic environment. Finally, use variables to make code easier to write and easier to read.
Week 9. Variables
Illustrate how variables can make programs more powerful by allowing values to change while the code is running. Then, use for loops and incrementing variables to solve more complicated puzzles. After guided puzzles, express your creativity during a free play level to show what you have learned and create your own designs.
Week 10. Variables
Complete puzzles combining the ideas of variables, loops, and for loops to create complex designs. At the end, they will have a chance to create your own art in a free play level. Then, create your own alien dance party with interactions between characters and user input. Students will work with events to create game controls.
Week 11. Combine Skills
Create an interactive pet that looks and behaves how you want. Design costumes to customize your pets appearance. Then, create a program using events, loops, conditionals, variables, functions, behaviors, and other concepts to give your pet a life of its own!
Week 12. Capstone Project
Put your coding skills to use in a capstone project. This project will help you to gain experience with coding and produce a fantastic program to share with peers and loved ones. You will spend time brainstorming, learning about the design process, building, and then presenting your final work.