Code Builder

Develop your coding skills

Develop an understanding of algorithms, loops, conditionals, and events, before learning about functions. At the end of the course, you will build your very own game.

8 - 12
english level required
course length
12 Weeks (36 total hours)
Course price
7,200,000 VNĐ

about the course

Week 1. Sequences & Debugging
Learn to control an adventure character using blocks of code. Help her collect gems by programming movement, and make your own basketball game. Then, explore 'debugging' methods by racing against the clock to write a program.
Week 2. Event Reactions
Learn how computers react to 'events' in programs like video games. Work through puzzles using events (like arrow buttons being pressed). At the end of the puzzle, customize your game with different speeds and sounds.
Week 3. Repeat Loops
Analyze and apply repeat loops to make your very own drawing! Then, apply conditional blocks to help a bee find flowers. Discover the power of repeat loops with awesome puzzles.
Week 4. If Statements
Program a loop inside another loop. Apply 'if/else statements' to declare when a command should be run and what to run otherwise.
Week 5. While Loops
Develop understanding of condition-based loops. Use logic and creativity to make your games more efficient. Build 'while loops' to check a condition.
Week 6. Until Loops
Discover 'until loops'. Build programs that have the main character repeat actions until they reach the right stopping point. Then, use 'conditionals' to help the farmer know when to harvest crops. Use creativity and logical thinking to succeed!
Week 7. Binary & Nested Loops
Discover how a computers store complex information (such as images and colors) using just 1's and 0's. Then, build on your understanding of looping. Recognize patterns within repeated patterns to develop 'nested loops'.
Week 8. Nested Loops
Create intricate designs using nested loops. Harness your creativity by creating your own design at the end of the stage. Now that you know how to layer loops, you can create your own custom images.
Week 9. Functions
Understand how reusable patterns can be simplified by calling 'functions'. Discover the versatility of programming by practicing functions in different environments.
Week 10. Nested Functions
Then, combine chunks of code into functions to simplify programs and make them more efficient. Using functions with artist lab, develop and modify amazing images by calling one function from inside another.
Week 11. Capstone Project
Your capstone project helps you gain more experience with coding, which you can share with friends and family. Explore project ideas, brainstorm, learn about the design and build process.
Week 12. Capstone Project
Compare pre-built examples of projects for inspiration. Next, assess the design process and learn how to implement in your own project. Then, create your own project using your favorite interface. Finally, make a presentation of your finished work!